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Unique public reach out platform. Create your own chat bot for collecting contact info, conducting surveys keeping in touch with your participants and geting higher fees as you build long-term client relationships.


Your participants will sign up for the event using the already installed messenger app, no additional installations needed. Super convenient for your clients.


Innovative chat bot technology is applied. Let the participants feel your full interaction by answering their most complicated questions.

Control panel

Manage your event using our convenient website control panel.

Friendly control panel

Clear interface of the organiser page. Launch mailings, conduct surveys. reach out to every participant. They will truly appreciate this.Learn more

Super quick

Your mailings and surveys get immediate responses as your participants receive messenger app notifications and do not postpone them.Learn more

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Easy and friendly registration process. All you need to type in is the contact details (email, location, phone number) you wish to know about the participants of your event.
Once you type this information in you are all set and we are ready to proceed with the preparations for your successful event. It is something we always put upon ourselves and we handle it with great pride.
As we receive your registration we immediately start the event planning process. Our skilled managers will be happy to assist you in the best outcome of your event.
On this step get the unforgettable experience of using our chat bots that will positively surprise your attendees with the high loyalty they demonstrate. This technology is great for foreseeing the possible sharp sides of the event and by using the feedback from your attendees make the most out of your event.
Get the personal link after successfully completing the registration process, publish it on your web pages, your participants will use it to sign up for the event and as they do so they have either Facebook or Telegram messenger apps in charge of it.
This is the gem of EventBadge. Your attendees will love this kind of attitude and will be so looking forward to your event. ‘’Curtain starts the theatre’’ the famous proverb says. We took care of your curtain here.
4. Before your event takes place and also at the actual time of the event use the great solution to keep in touch with your participants in the most effective way by using EventBadge chat bots.
This solution is crucial for shortening the time of having your messages to the public heard and get the feedback on what you have to say. Instead of traditional emails this is a smart, quick and innovative way of keeping your fellow participants well-informed.
They support us
Different events - same success

Annual reception

Russian-American Friendship Organisation

Data Science Week

Newprolab Company - Bigdata Technology

Developers Hack 2016

Hackathon Project for Moscow Students

TEDx Kazan

Russian-American Friendship Organisation

FLEX Alumni Reunion

Russian-American Friendship Organisation

RAF Football Games

Russian-American Friendship Organisation

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$90 monthGet the feeling of EventBadge
  • One trial event
  • All features
  • Up to 1000 participants


$170 monthDecent busines solution
  • No limits
  • Developer support
  • Personal web site


Your participants get your notifications and questions.
The results will not take long.
Effective solution, we used it for Data Science Week 2016 allowed us to contact the participants and conduct surveys.
EventBadge is ideal for the youth-oriented events which actively uses messenger apps.
Microsoft Student Partner
Saved printing materials expences as tickets, brochures etc. Everything gets done using messenger apps.

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